Kura Cream

Kura Cream - Kura Studio
Kura Cream - Kura Studio

After finding that our hands and arms were getting progressively drier from working with clay, we wanted to find and make our own daily, simple multi-purpose balm to re-hydrate our skin after a day's work and soothe any dry patches. After trials, testing and adjusting our recipe, the resulting product is our beautiful balm suitable for your lips, hands, face and body; free of nasties and nothing but the best ingredients!

Kura cream is an oil-based moisturiser, meaning you only need to use the smallest amounts at a time to make a big difference. Packaged in a handy little tub that you can take anywhere. 

Blended using five gentle, potent and healing ingredients.

- Locally sourced beeswax

- Organic raw shea butter

- Organic olive oil

- Organic pomegranate oil

- Organic bee propolis

Amount: 60ml

Suitable for your hands, lips, face, dry patches, scratches & grazes.

Our beautiful balm is an oil-based moisturiser, so a very little amount goes a long way! A great way to yield the full benefits of our cream is to warm a small amount in between your palms and gently pat onto your face before bed at night. Apply under socks before bed for supple heels, dab onto cheekbones and high areas for a natural face highlight and many more!

*Please patch test and note that our cream includes bee products. 

Kura Cream - Kura Studio
Kura Cream - Kura Studio