Noot Noot Oil Dispenser

The Noot Noot Oil Dispensers feature a spout that is narrow and long for easy pouring when cooking or dressing your favourite dishes. The funnel-like opening makes filling up a breeze. Dispensers are ideal to save on packaging and buy your oil in bulk.

Noot Noots are hand-thrown on the wheel in three separate parts before being attached to form the head/neck and spout... once glazed and fired, the Noot Noot is finished with a hand-carved cork lid made from recycled champagne corks! (Thank-you local friends for supplying us with the corks)

The name Noot Noot is derived from our favourite childhood tv show Pingu. The claymation penguin makes a characteristic "noot noot" sound with a big expression to match!

Material: Glazed Stoneware with hand-carved cork lid

20cm in height

holds 450ml

Hand-thrown in three parts then assembled, later fitted with a hand-carved cork by Kura Studio in Perth, WA

*This item is a one-off piece of work