A painting set collaboration with Flora Waycott

A painting set collaboration with Flora Waycott

We began our collaboration journey with Flora Waycott almost three years ago now and we are so proud to introduce our third release of hand painted painting palettes along with matching paint brush rests. Stemming from the desire to create timeless pieces to be cherished and loved like an heirloom, each collaboration with Flora has resulted in magic and this latest release is no exception.

Our painting sets have been carefully made with a lot of love & care, passed back and forth between our and Flora's hands many times before their completion. Each palette and brush rest has been hand-built in white Australian stoneware clay by us, then passed to Flora who meticulously hand paints each set to a floral theme using carefully chosen colour schemes. After this, the ceramic pieces are passed back to us for glazing before it's put back into the kiln for its second and final firing. Finally after holding our breaths, they emerge from the kiln, one-off, hand crafted painting sets adorned with gentle, dancing florals.  

If you don't already know Flora Waycott, we'd love to introduce this amazing artist to you. 

Flora Waycott in her studio painting with her new hand made painting set

Flora Waycott is an artist and illustrator. Her paintings are a culmination of cherished small encounters, a love of plants and an exploration of enchanted worlds. With thoughtful details and careful composition, her art represents the magic of growth and togetherness in human experience.

Serena, Flora and Anika in Flora's studio

To reflect on our collaboration we decided to answer a couple of insightful questions, to help paint the picture of each other as an artist and maker.

What did you love most about the process of this collaboration?


This collaboration gave me an opportunity to work with materials I may not usually use, which has been a wonderful challenge and has pushed me to grow. I have always felt that mine and Kura Studio's ideas and values align which has been crucial to making this a success. But mostly, I adore their work and appreciate their harmonious design aesthetic, so being able to combine our creativity in this way has been an absolute pleasure.


We really enjoy thinking of the palette that we are making as the canvas and the brief for Flora's artwork. The palette has to become a balance of practicality and expression. Practical not only for Flora to adorn with paintings but also a helpful painting tool for the final owner. They then need to be expressive with form and leading lines to become a playful canvas for Flora as an artist to work with. Collaborative projects always help to push the boundaries and seeing the end result and how Flora has carefully painted these items just makes it all the more rewarding.

Flora's process - hand painting the ceramic painting tools


Kura's process - making the palettes from a clay slab and glazing the palettes

 What does working day-to-day as a creative look like?


Everyday is different - my days are usually split between admin, client illustration work, packaging orders, planning and of course, painting. I have to be very organised as there is usually a lot to juggle, but I like that I can choose my hours and take a tea break when I like! I block out a couple of days a week for personal projects such as making new paintings, working on new products or just having a play, practicing my art.


Our days are comprised of a mix bag of tasks and our work constantly changes everyday, we love how we have the flexibility to work around how we are feeling. Being a creative small business though is a constant balancing act between the freedom of creativity and the pragmatics/ logistics in running a business. Taking the time to allow ourselves to create generally happens in the quieter times, the wintery days become less about production and more about reflectiveness and exploration.

Flora Waycott using her new palette and brush rest to create her art

What is your inspiration for your work?


I am drawn to elements of nature and enchanted worlds...things that exist perhaps in a dream. A lot of what I draw and paint forms as an idea in my mind which has stemmed from something I have seen or experienced - I like adding elements of otherworldliness which can give a painting many layers. I love looking through old books of master painters, the softness to their work...as well as wildflower books and things I spot when I am out and about, giving me ideas when I am least expecting it. 


We are inspired by the 'everyday'. Tasks that define what it means for us to be human, to cook, to eat & drink, to create art & to making a home out of a house. We are inspired by the tactile surfaces found in nature & aspire to create forms that hold a humility so that it transcends beyond fast-paced trends.

Snapshot of Flora Waycott's studio with her paintings sitting on shelves on the wall

 How do you think people benefit from taking a step back and allowing themselves to create?


Giving yourself permission to create with no expectations can open so many personal doors within yourself. It can be extremely beneficial to our well-being and a wonderful exercise in letting old things go and allowing new things in, whether these are thoughts or ideas. I am currently feeling a shift in my work and am allowing myself time to step back and create; I hope to just play and slowly discover some new directions but to also have fun!


We believe that everyone is creative in some form or another, some express creativity naturally and freely whilst others may not or simply have not tried. By exploring your creativity, we believe that you are nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself.

Flora Waycott's studio with paintings on the wall and tea on the table ready for an afternoon of painting

Thanks for reading and we hope you got a bit of insight into our collaboration and the artists behind the project. 

We thoroughly enjoy putting in the time and effort for incredible projects like this and we hope you love the outcome as much as we do. If you would like to purchase a Kura x Flora painting set, they are now available via Flora Waycott's online store here 

Serena, Flora and Anika having a laugh in Flora's studio

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