Hello & Welcome,

Kura Studio is a creative practice based in sunny Perth, Western Australia.
Co-founded in 2017 by best friend duo Serena Pangestu and Anika Kalotay, Kura Studio believes that responsive design can turn day-to-day tasks into small thoughtful moments.


Anika and Serena in their home studio surrounded by their ceramics

  Our practice is embedded in the idea of 'making’ and ‘designing’ as a way to explore concepts of living, working & consuming mindfully. To complement our range of handmade products, we are passionate about sourcing objects from near and far, which we curate as a range of specialty products to suit the everyday. 
Another arm of Kura studio enjoys being involved in local projects concerned with strengthening the community, the way people live and the relationship we have with the environment. No matter what it is, we advocate for curiosity, compassion and awareness in everyday living and learning.


Kura Studio workspace filled with working and finished ceramics

Derived from the Indonesian word kura-kura, meaning tortoise.
A tortoise moves slowly because it doesn’t need to move fast.