Daiyo Japanese Rice Wax Candle & Stand Set - Earth

DAIYO, with a hundred years of history, is committed to making genuine Japanese candles with 100% vegetable wax. This point is very important to the identity of genuine Japanese candles that DAIYO is proud of making.

As the material used is all-natural, it burns stably and beautifully without excess dripping and is environmentally sustainable as well. The flame of a traditional Japanese candle burns bigger and brighter than its Western counterparts. This is due to the structure of the traditional wick, which is made out of a combination of WASHI-paper, rush weed, and silk fiber, all derived from nature as well.

These sweet little candles are DAIYO's best-sellers. Burning for 15 minutes each, perfect for a coffee break or meditation session. And this set comes with it's very own ceramic candle stand. 

Hand-made Japanese candles with 100% natural rice wax. Rush weed, WASHI-paper, silk fiber wick. Ceramic candle stand. 

Candle height 3.5cm 

Burn time: 15 min each

Set of 10 with candle stand