Wazakura - Yasugi Steel Ikebana Scissors

The Yasugi Steel Ikebana Scissors are designed with looped shaped grip that is typical of traditional Japanese design. The shape is very ergonomic and results in a less tiring experience for the user. The scissors are suitable for general ikebana and flower arranging tasks, gardening and delicate work. With a sharp and sturdy edge, it severs flower fibres cleanly resulting in better water absorption and prolonged life. The open angle is designed so that the scissors cut easily through thicker branches.

These ikebana tools are handforged by third generation of ikebana scissors artisans in the city of Sanjo, in Niigata Prefecture. Sanjo is known since the 17th century for the metalwork skills of their artisans and blacksmiths.

These Ikebana Scissors are made from Yasugi Specialty Steel, a unique steel produced only in Japan. Yasuki steel is made in the Hitachi Metals plant in Shimane prefecture (Japan). It is created by combining iron and steel, removing impurities (phosphorus, sulfur, etc) that reduce sharpness, and forging and rolling the steel many times with hot processing. The characteristics of Yasugi Steel tools are extra strong, wear-resistant, sharp and long-lasting.

Size: L 6.50 × W 4.17 × H 0.67 inch (L 165 × W 106 × H 17 mm)
Length of Blades: 1.77 inches (45mm)
Weight: 7.41 oz  (210 g)
Material: YCS3 Alloy Tool Steel ※YCS is a trademark of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. 
Made in Japan (Sanjo, Niigata prefecture)