Wazakura - Satsuki Bonsai Trimming Scissors

The Satsuki Bonsai Trimming Scissors are designed for delicate bonsai trimming and are also ideal for ikebana and flower arranging tasks and delicate gardening or craft work. With a precise and slender construction, they allow you to reach into intricate plants with complex branch systems. The blade is sturdy and sharp, severing wood fibres cleanly resulting in faster healing cuts and trim flower fibres cleanly prolonging the life of the flower. 

These ikebana tools are handforged by third generation of ikebana scissors artisans in the city of Sanjo, in Niigata Prefecture. Sanjo is known since 17th century for the metalwork skills of their artisans and blacksmiths.

Size: L7.08 x W2.71 x H0.59 inch (180 x 69 x 15mm)
Length of Blade: 1.57 inch (40mm)
Weight: 2.82oz (84g)
Material: S58C black carbon steel
Made in Japan (Niigata prefecture)